M Martine Bédard



Staging: Karine Rathle

In 2011, Marie Martine Bedard spoke for the first time about a challenging project she was about to embark upon, but it is only recently that she found the courage to put the pieces together in order to begin.

As a survivor and to understand her own condition, Marie Martine educated herself about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and learned that the hippocampus of the brain has a key role in the illness. Naturally, with all of  research, her curiosity is triggered when she stumbles upon information about this peculiar fish also called the Hippocampus which is more  commonly known as the Sea Horse.

Captivated by the singularity and the beauty of the Sea Horse, Marie Martine starts to paint parallels between the hippocampus and the state in which survivors of sexual violence live. "The resemblance goes beyond the shape of the sea creature" she says. "Let's talk about the metaphors. One after the other they revealed themselves and now enable me to explain rape, and life after rape with this work of art."

 « 9 » is the project of the music album raising awareness about rape, rape culture and the life changes after rape. As incredible as it may sound, Marie Martine sees in survivors an immense strength and great beauty. For her, it is important that people can learn to recognize this, and treat rape's impacts on the lives of survivors differently. People have to learn to live with respect and in harmony with survivors despite their fragility.





Partial list of collaborators:

Liste partielle des collaborateurs au projet par ordre alphabétique:

Chris Umbderloid, United Kingdom
Christine Roberge,  Quebec Canada
Daniel Desmarais, Quebec Canada
Ella Negrescu, Roumania
Karine Rathle, Quebec, Canada
Jacqueline Van der Geer, Quebec, Canada
Jean-François Lemieux, Quebec, Canada
Julie Laurin, Ontario, Canada
Marie Martine Bédard, Quebec Canada
Marie-France Thibeault, Quebec Canada
Wil Pit, VIrginie USA