M Martine Bédard



Marie Martine was happy to come back last week from the Chicago first DIY Musician conference. She had an awesome time and met great people, learned a great deal too.

We thought of sharing some Martine's pictures of that great trip here. We are quite proud of her and her service dog, Ophelia, more than ready for the next venture.

Talk to you soon!

Tracy Maddux, CDBaby CEO with Martine

With Tracy Maddux, CEO at CD Baby.

Martine Bédard and Service Dog

With Ophelia, her service dog.

Martine Bédard guitar player in Chicago for the DIYMusician Conference CDBaby

Discovering the Great Park area in Chicago.

Martine's best friend and supporter! 

Martine Bédard guitar player and Ella Negrescu Berklee Online Students

Martine with her Roumanian friend Ella, a Berklee Online classmate.

She said... walking towards lake Michigan. A feeling of freedom, a sense of healing and definitely some poetry happening.

From the Congress Plaza Hotel.

Berklee Online Classmates at the DIYMusician Conference by CDBaby

Martine with awesome Berklee Online classmates! 

Ella Negrescu, Christine Roberge and Martine Bédard, three Berklee Online Students at DIYMusician CDBaby

Three women from Berklee Online, three musketeers! Ella Negrescu, Christine Roberge and Martine.